Sunday, July 29, 2007

Garden update, midsummer

Here's the skinny on my garden this year. Hopefully, now that I'm writing it down, it will help me plan for next year.

1. I can't get anything exciting to grow from seed. I need to stop trying and plop down the $3.99 for the young plants. I learn, and subsequently forget, this lesson every year.

2. Tried some heirloom tomatoes this year. Have yet to taste one, but the Brandywines should ripen by the end of the week. Also got a Striped German. My lesson learned about heirlooms is that they produce about a third of the fruit that the super-steroid hybrids do. Not bad, just different. Hopefully the flavor will make up for it.

3. Verbena bonariensis never poked it's head above the soil. It's that seed thing again.

4. Damn bunnies keep eating my summer phlox.

5. I killed one Tamora rose before I potted the current one. Smells lovely. Blooms are a bit on the small side. We'll keep her, might improve over a couple years. Now I'll have to figure out where to store her over the winter, since she can't weather outside agove ground.

6. Gadzooks zucchini is a keeper. Yummy, yummy, yummy, from a non-zucchini fan in general, and really neat to look at when sliced.

7. Planted Straight 8 cucumbers. They mock me. They are vining all over the place, covered in happy yellow blossoms, with nary a fruit to be found. Could my cucumbers be infertile? Or just incontrovertible flirts?

A few months more of garden 2007 to go...


Beach Bum said...

Sometimes, you have to fertilize the cucks.

Take a paintbrush and rub it around inside the flower.

See what happens.

(I'm enjoying your blog, have added you to my list)

Beach Bum said...

To add, transfer the pollen from the male flowers to the female ones. Is it producing any female flowers?

Dr. Smak said...

Beach bum,

How would one distinguish the little girls from the little boys?

I'm beginning to be suspicious that I have all one sex cukes, since I've never had this problem before. I was going to say "what are the odds?" but I guess with 4 plants the odds are 1 in 16.