Thursday, July 12, 2007

A stylin' repair

Question out to all my ER colleagues (and that may only be you, 10 out of 10):

There's a podunk ER in my community, that is frequently doing things that make me cringe. (How they are even open as there are several excellent community ERs within a short drive is beyond me, but I digress...) I got an ER report this week of a child with a scalp laceration that was repaired by braiding the hair over it to close the wound. Discharge instructions were "Remove braid in one week."

Is this legit? Is this a bladeless suturing technique that I'm too ignorant to know of?

Or are they making this up?


Anonymous said...

hello! am an er doc in singapore. and yes, we do close simple scalp lacerations with hair, aptly called the hat - hair apposition technique.

love your blog. keep writing!

Ten out of Ten said...

Just like anonymous said, this is a known technique with a fancy name and some research behind it and everything.

I've never done this myself, I think because I've never seen it done and I figure patients (or their parents) will balk.

Dr. Smak said...

Thanks, guys - guess I'll have to swallow my exasperated groan and burp it up with the next ER report I get from them.

Ten out of Ten said...

Don't worry, we'll do plenty of other stupid stuff to keep you up in arms :)

Allen said...

I can't believe it, but I'm going to link to the Journal of Family Practice:

Yes, it works, it's simple, and the patients don't cry. Twist and braid some hair, a drop of dermabond, and then send them home.