Monday, January 28, 2008

Phone message of the day

8 am: Blood sugar 802. On call doctor told patient to call 911. Please call as soon as office opens.

Not so funny, huh? This was a diabetic patient, but there is no way that her sugar has ever been close to 802. She's quite well controlled.

By the time we got the husband on the phone, he was feeling terrible.

She just left in the ambulance, and I realized that I was holding the monitor upside down. Her sugar was 208.

Boy is he going to be in trouble.


Joy said...

Blood sugar monitors don't go that high, do they? They usually just show "Hi" to indicate that it is above their limit.

Suzanne said...

Sounds like this family needs more diabetes education. Home glucometers to not read that high.
What kind of EMS doesn't check glucose level on a diabetic call?

Dr. Smak said...

He he. That's our kind of EMS. I could tell you stories...