Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McGurk Effect

Those crazy guys in the 70s!

Check out this really weird phenomenon. The first time you watch it, you will hear "da da". Watch it with your eyes closed, and it's "ba ba".



rlbates said...

Amazing! Never heard of the McGurk effect, but am amazed by it.

TBTAM said...

The name McGurk reminds me of an old story my Dad used to tell us -

Man 1- Who's that man I just saw you with in the revolving door?
Man 2 - That man was my father.
Man 1- What's you father's name?
man 2 - Jerk McGurk.
Man 1 - Jerk McGurk? I'M jerk McGurk!
Man 2 - Father!
Man 1 - Son!

I have no idea what this story means, but we always laughed at it as kids.

Ryan said...

Wow, that's funny. I just covered this topic in my Neuro class. Lesson learned: Vision trumps hearing.

Another example was an experiment where they took a bat and put him in a room covered with invisible fishing line and placed food in the corners. Turned the lights off and let the bat fly - using echolocation it maneuvered through the wire and got the food. Repeat with lights on, bat's brain says "no wire here" and bat repeatedly flies into the wire even though it still uses echolocation.

Fun stuff!