Thursday, May 1, 2008

What I learned from living in Baltimore for 3 months

When you're at a stoplight, and the light turns green, count to three before proceeding into the intersection.



JeanMac said...

Oh, yeah, here too.

Anonymous said...

I look for red light runners if I'm first in line to cross the intersection. A friend of my father's was hit by a red light runner and nearly died, so that brought home the risk and the need to check for those red light runners.

They should teach this in driving schools for teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I can still hear the voice of our driver's ed instructor, (a good ole Tennessee boy) saying "count to three and look both ways again before you go, because sometimes you'll catch somebody not stoppin." It's been over 30 years but it's still good advice.

Doctor David said...

Excellent advice. Take it from someone who was broadsided on Mulberry Street on the way to work in Charm City and woke up in the ED. Also, remember that the other guy's yellow light is going to be interpreted as "Speed Up, for goodness sake!!"