Wednesday, December 30, 2009


She lost her mom two weeks ago. It was an expected death, after a full life.

Still, not easy for her.

She cries all the time. She can't get anything done. She sits and stares at the wall. She wakes thinking about her. She hears her voice.

All normal responses to grief. I used to know it, having read it in books, and heard it in lectures. Now I KNOW it. I grok it. I have done it, all of it.

We talked, she cried, somehow I didn't. She wanted a pill that would help. But we both knew there isn't any.

So we settled for talking, and both felt a little better, if just for a little while.


...tom... said...


I grok it.

Ha. Who expected Heinlein from Dr. Smak..?!?

You always surprise. ...:minism:...

To the next year, full of new memories and old.


rlbates said...

Can I simply ditto what Tom said. Best wishes for a great 2010!

Sybil said...

I know the feeling all to well. May you and all your loved ones find contentment, good health and love throughout 2010

Much Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

Familiar emotions there. Hope yours easy through 2010. Have a good New Year.